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We live in a world that is constantly changing and the market is also changing faster and faster. SPARQzone broadens your mind so that you can change or renew resiliently.

successfully and
work effectively!

Not every team is equally strong. Do you also think that things should run more smoothly in your team? SPARQzone creates and strengthens teams where everyone is in their power.

the impact of
your training!

Do you also want the best from your training program, off-site session, or team meeting?
Increase its effect with the inspiring SPARQzone BreakOut.

“As a trainer I guide management teams with SPARQzone in the strong growth of their company. I coach them in the development from a highly operational team to a more strategic management. Reflection is part of that process, both on a personal level and at team level: where do we come from, where do we want to go and where are we now? You focus on yourself as an individual, but also on someone else in your circle. Then you create ideas about what you want to give to others and yourself.” – Han Wijns, Managing Director DE2C

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Do you also want the best from your training program, off-site session, or team meeting?
Increase its effect with the inspiring SPARQzone BreakOut.

Why SPARQzone?

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High-quality impact on development

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Strengthening and accelerating your process

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Ultimate experience
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“SPARQzone is a special space where especially issues about vision development and innovation can come into their own. The strengthening of the social relationships between parties is also stimulated by the special environment. It helps to make good use of SPARQzone in the process and to use different places in different phases.” – R. Janssen Trainer

“You almost automatically go into a state of rest, and then you feel the energy and the need to get started with the right questions. Maybe not immediately to find answers, but to be part of the whole presentation at that moment and to contribute to it.”  – Frank Mathues

“What a fantastic addition SPARQzone is to our Use Your Talents leadership programs. Get out of your head and back to basics, nature. It is not without reason that I always choose a training environment that has a nice connection with "being outside" and nature. Because I firmly believe that “in nature we truly connect to our nature”. And I really wish everyone this feeling of being. In addition, Mirjam's fine guidance ensures a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. In short, highly recommended! ” – Annita Euwijk Executive (Team) Coach UseYourTalent

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